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Lake Ukiel – boat diving

Lake Ukiel Aka Lake “Krzywe”

We offer the possibility of diving with a motorboat (with a steersman). We take up to four divers, the price to be agreed on, depending on the number of divers and the diving site.

Lake Ukiel is the deepest and the largest lake in Olsztyn. It is ideal for divers. The coastline is well-developed and diverse, comprising many picturesque bays and peninsulas. The largest of them is Ostrów, which separates the Bay of Copernicus from the central basin of Przejma, called Pacyfik (this is the deepest place – 43 m). Apart from these two pools, Lake Krzywe comprises the Bay of Grunwald (Olsztyn basin) and Łabędza Szyja (Łupstych). The basins are connected by narrows with intriguing names: Lwia Paszcza, Czarne Wrota and Zakręt.

Although the lake coasts are mainly high and steep, there is good access to water nearly everywhere, which is used both by those who love wild beaches and those who are more developed. Anglers like this lake because of the fine bream, pike and perch.

The coastal area is overgrown by cane, calamus and bulrush. There are many plant and bird species, e.g. swans, cranes, herons, cormorants and ducks. It is a vendace lake. Fish living in Lake Ukiel include bream, perch, powan, pike, and eel.

A boat with a sonar and an experienced steersman will easily find an ideal place for diving.

Name: Lake Ukiel (Krzywe)
Historic name: Okull-See
Geographic region: Olsztyn Lakeland
Town: Olsztyn
Voivodship: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Forest District: Kudypy
Area: 407.50 ha
Maximum depth: 42.5 m
Coastline length: 22.56 km
Water table altitude, metres above the sea level: 104.7 m
Water volume: 40,771,958 m3

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