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Whatever the organisation, the beginning of a diving career is the discovery of a new way of life, spending free time and making new acquaintances.

Basic level

The theoretical training suited to your needs will help you to understand everything you need to gain underwater experience wisely and safely.

We’ll teach you all the skills that every diver must possess in a flexible but consistent manner by repeating certain actions. We’ll start at the swimming pools, and then we’ll take you to the lake or to the sea, and you’ll have the underwater world at your fingertips.

Advanced level

Development of your diving career, but also your experience, is very important. We’ll help you with properly customised and prepared training, as well as recreational diving in Poland and around the world.

The four leading divers federations have plenty of ready programmes, which will help you in a professional manner to experience your underwater adventure.


  • Intro PLN 300
  • Upgrade from Indoor Diver PLN 800
  • OWD PLN 2,500
  • Stress&Rescue PLN 1,700
  • Specialisations: Buoyancy – PLN 800, Navigation – PLN 800,
  • Wrecks – PLN 900,
  • Dry Diving Suit – PLN 1,000,
  • Night Diving – PLN 900,
  • Deep Diving – PLN 1,200,
  • Under-ice Diving – PLN 1,000,
  • Searching-Retrieving – PLN 900,
  • Photo&Video – PLN 1,000,
  • Diving from a boat – PLN 1,000
  • NITROX – PLN 600
  • Science of Diving – PLN 900
  • Dive Guide – PLN 2,600
  • Solo Diver (only SDI) – PLN 2,000
  • Side Mount – PLN 1,300
  • React Right (First Aid) – PLN 650

Professional level

If diving has become important in your life, we suggest following a professional career and working in Poland or abroad.

Don’t delay your decision to take your first breath underwater, and the rest will follow… We’ll help you, guide you, direct you, and give you advice.

If you only want to tryEnrol in The Intro

If you can’t make up your mind, you are welcome to come to an intro with an instructor, and later you can decide what’s next…

Only in our club – an underwater walk, which is a diving intro as well as a lecture and a souvenir photo underwater for only PLN 300!

All this can be included in your basic diving course. We are sure we can together arrange the lesson dates, cost and schedule.

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