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Diving is chiefly our hobby… and only later – our work.

We are passionate about what we do, and we love diving. We care about safety and a good atmosphere, and we treat everyone individually. We have the time and enthusiasm to teach people to swim as best we can.

We will provide you with knowledge, advice and recommendations so that you can become a complete diver. We will teach you real skills that you can use within your capabilities and diving goals. We will help you to gain experience, take you to the beautiful nearby lakes and on an exotic journey with our travel office. For your safety, we’ll assist you in purchasing properly suited diving equipment.

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Start Your adventure with diving

Whatever the organisation, the beginning of a diving career is the discovery of a new way of life, spending free time and making new acquaintances.

Don’t delay your decision to take your first breath underwater, and the rest will follow… We’ll help you, guide you, direct you, and give you advice.

“There’s one thing in life that you must never do. Never give up on your dreams”.

This is how a participant in our course, a club member and also a friend, recalls her experience.

“When I look at photos from the past and again relive the most beautiful moments – I remember that there was a dream behind each one. Uncertain and shy at first, but it became increasingly mine, increasingly important, so I thought: I’ll jump into the water, maybe not too deep for a start but, literally, into the water because diving proved to be the closest to my heart.

I remember my first OWD training, which turned my world upside down. I could plan and perform diving down to 18 m. That was something! But my appetite for life and knowledge is great, so I went on chasing my dreams!

I enrolled for an AOWD course, where I could go down 30 m into the water. I also learned the rules of diving specialisations. I was interested in underwater navigation, dry diving suit and night diving. With my eyes open wide and full of admiration, I watched other divers go down even deeper. I was fascinated that they were able to dive to deeper-seated wrecks.

Deep Course? What is it? This motivated me to work even harder. I completed the Deep (40 m) and Rescue courses. Because nothing tastes better than champagne to celebrate a victory over one’s weaknesses, especially in a group of wonderful people: instructors who infect you with even greater passion, who conduct the training patiently, in a safe and professional manner, and partner divers – enthusiasts similar to yourself, who can help you and give you useful advice. Together we create a great atmosphere in the club; here, we find joy and harmony…”

Seeing the world so different from the one we see every day and experiencing freedom and beautiful underwater views is unforgettable. When you go down underwater, you leave all your problems on the surface, and this is the magic of diving. There’s only silence, your partner diver, fish, underwater plants, caves and wrecks. Diving has made my world more interesting, maybe better…

Regards to new club members
From Agata

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